Paul Kagame, Louise Mishikiwabo receiving a delegation from the United Arab Emirates in Kigali in June 2015

The Rwandan Government is considering sending demobilized Rwandan Defenses Forces (RDF) soldiers and surrendered former Rwandan rebels to prop troops fighting in Yemen up, sources in Kigali tell AfroAmerica Network. According to the sources, the agreement is still under discussion between Rwandan officials and  negotiators from the coalition in the Middle East fighting

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US President Obama in Kuala Lumpur Vows to Defeat Terrorism

"In that regard, we need to unite. We need to show global solidarity to address the common enemy of ISIL, Daesh, some other extremists and terrorist groups ... [we] highly commended the leadership of the Russian Federation together with the United States to address some of the root causes of terrorism," the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said, during the Annual East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur, calling on Russia and the United States to join their efforts to combat terrorism.

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