DR Congo - France: In Kinshasa, France President Emmanuel Macron Warns of Veiled Sanctions Against Rwanda and Calls on Incompetence of Congolese Leaders

Emmanuel Macron and Paul Kagame Paris, France in December 2021

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France President Emmanuel Macron has ended  his one-day official visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo that started on March 3, 2023 that ended.  During his speech in Kinshasa, DRC on March 4, 2023, In Kinshasa,  Macron warned of sanctions against supporters of M23 Rebels.  However, he fell short of  being Specific about  the Rwandan government that has been behind the invasion. He also warned the Congolese people of the incompetence of their leaders in maintaining peace, security and justice in their country.  His vague allusion to Rwanda has not been well received by the public in DRC. In fact, it has been  public that  Rwandan troops, under the cover of M23 rebels, have been responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), for more than a decade.

Rwandan troops, under the cover of M23 rebels, have been responsible for the humanitarian crisis in eastern Congo, including systematic massacres of civilians, especially children and young boys and teenagers, destructions of homes, crops and infrastructures and lootings of minerals and other natural resources.  

Although the French government  has previously joined the United Nations and the governments of the United States and other countries in accusing  the Rwandan government and military of supporting the M23,  France leaders have been hesitant in specifically addressing the invasion of Eastern DRC by Rwandan troops, under the cover of M23 rebels ( DR Congo - Rwanda: US Government Finally Confirms that Rwandan Troops Have Invaded DR Congo, Under the Cover of M23 Rebels)

Hence, during  a news conference in Kinshasa, DRC, media pressed Emmanuuel Macron to more firmly condemn Rwanda.

Macron only repeated a vague statement, saying: "I have been very clear about the condemnation of the M23 and  its supporters".

However, when challenged on whether Rwanda is included among these supporters, Macron said "Yes, of course.

 His address came as the perceptions of French support for Rwandan government have raised anti-French feelings and protests.  The support has been fueled by the controversial deployment of the Rwandan troops protecting French interests in Mozambique (Mozambique - SADC - Rwanda: SADC Takes Credit for Military Successes in Mozambique, Ignores Paul Kagame's Troop Deployment ...).

So far,  peace processes that have been negtiated and signed by regional powers in Luanda, Angola, in  Nairobi Kenya,  and in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia have failed to produce results. 

Regarding the perceived failure of the peace processes, President Macron only said, once again without being specific, that: "If the actors do not respect it, then yes the possibility of sanctions remains. "  

 Although Macron's visit to DRC Congo was marked by protests and signs of anti-Frenc sentiments, it ended with the following dire warnings pointing to the incompetence of Congolese leaders in managing and protecting the interests of their country.


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 Congolese must "take responsibility and cease the look for Culprits outside", French President Macron Warns.

“Since 1994, sorry to say it in such candid terms, you,  the Congolese people and leaders  have never been able to restore the military, security or administrative sovereignty of your country. It's a sad  reality. We must not look for culprits outside, in this affair, “  French President Emmanuel Macron  said in front of the Media on Saturday March 4 in front of  in Kinshasa.

Congolese people need "to stop  accusing France for something they are responsible for, " President Macron told the media before ending his visit, adding that  the DRC needs institutions ready to implement and enforce "real justice, transitional justice, so that those responsible for  the massacres, killings, and humanitarian tragedies  are judged".


What is the future of the relations between Emmanuel Macron and Paul Kagame?

After Macron's visit to DRC, during which he finally condemned Rwanda when challenged to cleary speak out against the invasion of the DRC by Rwandan troops under the cover of M23 rebels, a new dynamic has appeared.

The question is:  what will be the relations between Rwanda and France, going forward?  Has Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame lost one of the last loyal supporters among the World powers?


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