NBA 2022 Playoffs: Second Round Update With Mixed Results on Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and Dallas Mavericks

NBA 2022 Playoffs: 76ers vs Rapters on April 25, 2022

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Monday night, April 25, 2022 was another moment with a suspense on NBA playoff games. Before the games started, in the Eastern Conference two teams in the playoff runs were on the verge of  moving ahead to the second round.  First, the Boston Celtics that had snatched 3 consecutive  wins from the Brooklyn Nets. Then, the Toronto Raptors with 1-3 score against the 76 ers.  Hence, on Monday, 2 teams  were expected to exit the playoffs. It did not happen that way.


The situation in the Eastern Conference was very competive (see NBA 2022 Playoffs: Second Round; Will it Be Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors or Dallas Mavericks for the Eastern Conference?). On Monday evening, three games were held, with the following starting score:

  • Celtics vs Nets, with a starting score of 3-0
  • Raptors vs 76ers,  1-3
  • Jazz vs Mavericks, 2-2

Hence, the wins by the Celtics and Raptors would end the 2022 journey for Nets and 76ers, whereas the Jazz vs Mavericks would continue regardless of the score. Then, the games happened and some fans were pleasantly surprised, except those from the Nets. The Nets' journey ended with another loss, on a final score of 4-0,  Celtics-Nets.

Including the scores of Monday, April 25, 2022, many teams in both the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference are also facing decisive games over this week. As of today, the scores and the schedule are as follows:

  • Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers,  2-3;  Saturday, April 30, 2022
  • Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks,  2-3;  Saturday, April 30, 2022 
  • Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks, 1-3; Friday, April 29, 2022
  • Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota Timberwolves, 2-2; Friday, April 29, 2022
  • Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors, 1-3;  Sunday, May 1, 2022 
  • Orleans Pellicans vs Phoenix Suns, 2-2; Saturday, April 30, 2022 

On Monday the games had the following interesting highlights.



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Monday Games Highlights:

Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz:

During the games, a new star shone:  Dallas Mavericks'  Luka Doncic, who, coming from a calf injury, had a an outstanding perrformance, in front of a delighted crowd of funs. Luka Doncic scored 33 points and 13 rebounds  and helped the Dallas Mavericks to beat Jazz with a stunning score 102-77, and then lead with  3-2 lead in their first-round series. When Luka Doncic was recovering, Jalen Brunson took over. In the game he scored 24 points.

On Utah Jazz side, Jordan Clarkson scored 20 points and  Rudy Gobert scored 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets:

For Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum scored 29 points ,  Jaylen Brown,  22 points, and Marcus Smart,  20 points and 11 assists. Nets' Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving tried but to no avail. For the Nets, Kevin Durant scored 39 points,  Seth Curry, 23 points and  Kyrie Irving,  20 points.

 With a win of 116-112, the Boston Celtics completed a four-game sweep of the Brooklyn Nets and hence was the becoming the first team to reach the second round of the playoffs.

 Boston Celtics will play in the next round against the  winner of the series between Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls.

Toronto Raptors vs  Philadelphia 76ers:

Toronto Raptors, even without All-Star guard Fred VanVleet,  gained momentum and scored a second straight win over Philadelphia 76ers. Once again Pascal Siakam led with  23 points, 10 rebounds and seven assist, whereas Precious Achiuwa scored 17 points and seven rebounds, and Gary Trent Jr. and OG Anunoby scored,  each, 16 points.  But, it was not enough.

For Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid shone  with  20 points and 11 rebounds. But, it was not enough.


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Rendez-vous at the end of the week for the new updates on NBA 2022 playoffs and the prospects on the second round. Meawhile, here is the situation as of April 26, 2022:

NBA 2022 4 25


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